100 fish die at aquarium following parasite treatment

Around 100 marine fish died at a public aquarium in the US after a treatment for parasites was administered to a display tank.

One of the coral reef displays at the Albuquerque BioPark Aquarium in New Mexico had been suffering a problem with trematodes for several months, according to a report by krqe.com.

Staff had tried treating the tank with praziquantel with no result, so a product containing dylox was used. However, within minutes fish began to react badly to the treatment, struggling to swim and then dying before the eyes of visitors.

Losses included most of the display's Blue tangs — some of which were 18 years old — and French grunts. The product has been used at the aquarium before without problems, but staff wonder if the fish were already in a weakened state from the parasites and the treatment was too much for them or whether the dose administered may have been too strong.

You can watch the news report that accompanied the story below: