Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society to hold UK’s first Shrimp show

Exciting times loom for this Sunday, September 29, as the guys and girls of Sheaf Valley hold the very first freshwater UK shrimp show, writes Nathan Hill.

Based at the Rockingham Center, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, S74 1DQ, the shrimp show starts at 12pm, with an auction later in the day.

The event coincides with a fish show at the same venue on the same day, making this a venture with the opportunity to see amazing livestock from both arenas — and having seen some of the Sheaf Valley entries in a recent show, I would expect the calibre of all displays to be exceptionally high. If you want to see how an amazing fish should look, then I strongly recommend you give it a whirl.

As well as an auction, there is talk of a ‘buy it now’ option on some shrimps as seen in tanks, and for visitors hoping to bid for goods and livestock on the day, there’s no need to register your details: it’s open to everyone!

There’s no entrance fee, and there’s even free parking on the day, so frankly there’s no reason at all not to get involved.