PFK Exclusive: Evolution Aqua and D-D join forces

Evolution Aqua Ltd and D-D The Aquarium Solution Ltd are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement which will see them join forces.

This exciting development will further strengthen both companies, reinforce existing sales, and enable new product development and joint exploration into different markets.
Both businesses have grown strongly over the past 10 years and are at the top of their individual fields, operating in completely different but complimentary sectors of the Aquatic marketplace. Evolution Aqua is the leading manufacturer in the Koi and pond sector, whereas D-D specialises in saltwater and reef aquarium products.
David Saxby, as the founder and the major shareholder of D-D, plans to work towards retirement over the next three or four years with a progressive handover of the D-D business to Nick Jackson, the owner of Evolution Aqua.
Stuart Bertram, Sales Director of D-D, is looking forward to the future and can see great opportunity in the new partnership for robust growth where the individual strengths of each company will create a new business greater than the sum of the two individual parts.
This relationship is a great opportunity for customers, suppliers and staff in both companies and the future potential is enormous.