New species of flasher wrasse discovered

A fabulous new species of flasher wrasse with orange colouration and rounded fins has been discovered in the coral reefs of Indonesia.

Scientists from Conservation International and the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Centre discovered the species in East Nusa Tenggara province.

The new fish has been named Paracheilinus rennyae in recognition of the scientific contributions of ichthyologist Renny Kurnia Hadiaty from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

P. rennyae is known only from reefs off southwestern Flores Island and the Komodo National Park area and is described as unique in both colour and in the rounded shape of its dorsal, anal and caudal fins. The new fish has no fin or filament extensions at all.

This is the 17th species to be described in the genus since the first species, P. octoteania, was described relatively recently, in 1955.

The discovery of P. rennyae was published in the latest edition of Aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology.

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