Koi stolen from Lancashire pond

Koi estimated to be worth almost £2,000 have been stolen from a garden pond in St. Annes.

The fish were found to be missing from their pond in Albert Road last week by Peter Jenkins and his partner Elaine Whittle.

The front garden pond contained 14 Koi among other fish, which were popular with local children.

Thieves specifically targeted the Koi, valued at more than £100 each.

Miss Whittle told the Blackpool Gazette: "It’s just despicable what some people do.

"They took all the Koi carp. They obviously knew the value of the fish.

"We can’t afford to replace them. We’re struggling to make ends meet as it is, just before Christmas.

"I just hope whoever has stolen the fish looks after them."

The couple have put up a sign by the pond in their front garden asking anyone with information to contact the police.

The theft is believed to have taken place some time between 5.30pm on Saturday, November 30 and 9am on Monday, December 2.

Lancashire Police are appealing to anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the area or has any other information that might help trace the people responsible to call them on 101.

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