Back to Nature's Joel Malmström passes away, age 53

The founder and owner of the 3D aquarium background company Back To Nature has died unexpectedly.

Formed in 1989, Joel Malmström's life-like aquarium backgrounds sold the world over, and changed many people's tanks for the better.
"His backgrounds included the universally popular Amazonas, Rocky, Malawi and Tanganyika backgrounds and he was one of the first to adapt his decor to specifically fit Juwel aquariums", says PFK and PPM editor Jeremy Gay.
"I still remember the first time I saw one of his backgrounds, fitted in a 200cm long Effect Line tank at Shirley Aquatics. It was complemented by some huge blue discus and the whole thing just blew me away." 
"Another Amazonas tank they created for the Back to Nature brochure was also stunning, and was one of the first times I saw twigs and leaves used to great effect - an effect that I've tried to recreate many a time since for PFK."
Best in the market
"Without question his backgrounds were and remain the best in the freshwater market, and many people have tried to copy them since", adds Jeremy.
"The modules look so effective in Malawi and Tanganyika tanks, so much so that they regularly win aquascaping competitions, and we know that Central American cichlid fanatic Lee Nuttall also used them to great effect in his large tanks."
"Our thoughts are with Joel's family and friends."