Tropical Flying fish caught off UK coast

Fishermen have caught a Mediterranean flying fish off the coast of Devon, south west England.

According to a report from the Daily Mirror, the Flying fish, which has been identified as Cheilopogon heterurus, was caught by a trawler off the coast of South Devon.

Fishmonger Stephen Rogers told the Mirror: "I saw it at market and bought it as a novelty to put on display.

"It proves the climate is changing and it has been a real talking point with my customers."

This species of flying fish has quite a widespread distribution through tropical and subtropical waters, and has been recorded from the Bahamas, Australia and the Med.

"Global warming could be to blame for the spread of this species..."

Some experts have suggested that the capture of this fish suggests that global warming is to blame.

However, although a rare find in UK waters, C. heterurus has previously been recorded even further north in the waters around Denmark and southern Norway.

The fish, which is a member of the Exocoetidae family, is a type of beloniform needlefish and reaches an adult size of about 40cm.

It often leaps from the water using propulsion from its powerful tail and "flies" with the aid of its massively oversized pectoral fins.