New species found in Gulf of Carpentaria

Fisheries scientists in Queensland have discovered what they believe to be four new species of fish in the freshwater rivers that flow into the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Biologists at the Queensland Department of Fisheries surveyed a number of freshwater habitats that flow into the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north of the state of Queensland.

Over 50 species of freshwater fish were discovered, of which, the scientists believe that four are new to science. One of these is adapted for life in hot water.

Fisheries biologist Alf Hogan told ABC News: \"At least four of them, anyway, we think haven\'t been described before.

\"One of them, in particular, is a little goby that we found in the board range, and bores go to the Great Artesian Basin, and the water just bubbles out of these bores, and actually it\'s quite hot, it\'s 50 degrees-odd, and then it just flows down these, like little trenches that the cattle come up and drink out of.\"