New species - Triplophysa nujiangensa

A new species of nemacheiline loach has been described from the main part of the Salween river in Nu Jiang and Yunnan, China.

The balitorid, which has been named Triplophysa nujiangensa, was described by Xiao-Yong Chen, Gui-Hua Cui and Jun-Xing Yang in the journal Zoological Research.

The loach is believed to be closely related to T. tanggulaensis, T. stoliczkae, T. crassilabris and T. stenura.

The paper includes a new key to the Chinese Triplophysa loaches and explains how to identify the new species.

For more details see: Xiao-Yong Chen, Gui-Hua Cui and Jun-Xing Yang (2004) - A New Fish Species of Genus Triplophysa (Balitoridae) from Nu Jiang,Yunnan, China. Zoological research, 2004, Vol. 25. No. 6.