New Colombian plec described

A new plec has been described from a single series of specimens collected in Colombia 30 years ago.

Michael Retzer of the Center for Biodiversity at the Illinois Natural History Survey described the new loricariid as Acestridium colombiensis in the latest issue of the systematics journal Zootaxa.

The fish used in the description were found in a collection of fish held at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and had previously gone unnoticed as a new species.

The catfish were collected in 1974 from a lagoon 1km upriver from Puerto Inirida, off the Rio Inirida in Colombia, South America and went unnoticed for over 30 years.

Acestridium colombiensis, which measures around 5cm in length, is a twig-like catfish, quite similar in appearance to Farlowella.

For more details on identifying the new plec see the paper: Retzer, M. (2005) - Description of a new species of Acestridium (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from Colombia. Zootaxa: 972, 1-6.