Government to provide loan to NIRAH

The government has given backing to the NIRAH project in the form of a 250 million loan.

According to a recent report from the BBC, the government gave the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) approval to provide a 250 million loan to the project to develop the world\'s largest public aquarium.

The 40-hectare domed complex, which is going to be four times bigger than the Eden Project, is due to be built in a disused brick pit near Stewartby in Bedfordshire.

Unlike all other public aquaria, NIRAH will concentrate on freshwater ecosystems and is set to include amazing and natural-looking displays of biotopes including the Mekong River, complete with giant catfish and stingrays.

George Kieffer, chair of EEDA told the BBC that NIRAH would generate new jobs for the area and have a significant impact on the economy of the region.