Goldfish found on flooded football pitch

Two goldfish have been found swimming around on a flooded football pitch in Cumbria.

The fish are believed to have been washed onto the pitch of Carlisle United Football Club during the severe storms which hit the north of England earlier last week.

According to the BBC, one of the fish was found swimming around in the goal mouth, while the other was found in a puddle at the side of the pitch.

Emma Story, the daughter of the Carlisle United\'s owner, found the fish on Thursday.

She told the BBC: \"I suddenly noticed them swimming about on the pitch. There were so many people walking around pumping out water, I\'m amazed they weren\'t stepped on.

\"I popped them in a mop bucket and now they\'re living in bowls in reception, waiting for someone to claim them.\"

\"If nobody comes forward we\'re going to keep them as mascots. We haven\'t been doing so well lately, so maybe we could do with a bit of extra help.\"