Fish in bowl with knife draws complaints

An animal rights group has complained to an Oxford art gallery about an exhibit that features a live goldfish swimming around in a soup bowl alongside a knife.

According to a report from the BBC, animal rights group Animal Aid has protested about an exhibit by Greek artist Jannis Kounellis which is on display at Modern Art Oxford.

Claudia Tarry, a protester for Animal Aid told the BBC: \"It\'s sick, it\'s pathetic and it shows a complete poverty of imagination and a vast amount of callousness. It\'s not art.\"

But the gallery insists that the installation will not cause the fish any harm.

The BBC claims that gallery director, Andrew Naire, has even taken legal advice and says that the display does conform to legal requirements on animal welfare.

\"If you run your thumb along it, you\'re not going to cut yourself,\" he told the BBC.

\"Fish don\'t tend to cut themselves on coral or broken bottles so it looks more of a threat than it is.\"