Dealer fined for selling dodgy treatments

An aquatic retailer has been fined for selling illegally imported fish medicines.

Premier Koi Ltd, which is based at Springfield Water Garden Centre near Hull, and its Director Martin Pidd, were fined 2000 and costs of 3877 by magistrates.

The case, which was brought to court by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, an Executive Agency of Defra, arose following information from local Trading Standards officials.

According to A2MediaGroup, Pidd was found to have imported veterinary medicines from Japan and sold them illegally to UK fishkeepers.

The medicines, which came in Japanese packaging, had not been approved or assessed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

The report claims that Pidd was charged for the importation and sale of illegally imported medicines and the company was charged with possession and supply of the same products.