Practical Fishkeeping August 2016

Gorgeous guppies, fabulous Fighters and brilliant butterflyfish adorn the pages of the August issue of PFK. All this plus a guide to what you should — and shouldn't do — before leaving your fish to go on holiday; a head-turning discus set-up; Sexy shrimp; community safe loaches and our top picks from the recent Interzoo trade show. All this and much more!

For colour, fins and ease of keeping, there’s nothing that beats the humble guppy. 

Lisa Bradshaw deals with more Betta each day than you’ve had hot dinners. Meet the woman, the, importer, trader and breeder as she shares her secrets. 

Reefkeepers are often told that Chaetodon butterflies and corals don’t mix. But there’s a way around it — here’s how…