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Practical Fishkeeping is the UK's leading title for all things aquatic. With easily accessible information for all aquarists from beginner to highly specialised. Every month PFK brings you all the latest, up to date information about the fast-evolving hobby of fishkeeping, across all of its many genres.

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What's in the magazine?

Species Showcases

There are nearly 28,000 species of fish in the world, and each month we go in-depth to investigate those that you can keep in your tank.

Fishkeeping Answers

Real questions from real hobbyists answered by our panel of highly revered experts.

Fishkeeping Knowhow

From cleaning glass to treating diseases, building a pond or mixing salt, our essential guides will take you hand in hand through any obstacles.

Shops & Equipment

When we're not out appraising the best stores around the UK, we're putting all the latest fishkeeping gear through its paces in real-world situations, on real tanks with real fish.


Whether its discussion about the latest fishkeeping fads, or a detailed analysis of aquatic ethics, you'll find all the hottest commentary in PFK.

Readers Tank

Each month we strive to bring you an inspiring set up from the many cutting-edge aquarists out the in the hobby.

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