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Nathan Hill takes a look at Chanaverm, a veterinary grade medication to treat worms in Discus and other aquarium fish.

This product, available from Fish Treatment, contains levamisole hydrochloride, which is a well-known control of internal worms and it works excellently against Camallanus.

Unlike some other wormers available, levamisole is added directly to the water and works fast. We have access to it under the small animal exemption scheme, but traditionally this would have required a prescription.

There’s evidence to suggest that there’s an increased immune response in fish treated with it — but note this with reservation. Figures also show that after a short-term increase, immunity soon drops to a base level and continued dosing has no immuno-enhancing effect.

This is a great product for keen Discus breeders and a medicine cupboard must for retailers.

Dosing is simple enough to both calculate and apply, and a syringe is included for this purpose. This product is not particularly cheap, but it certainly works.

Price: £17.34 provides enough to treat 375 l/82 gal.

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