Review: gUSH feed pod


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Nathan Hill checks out a stylish new bit of glassware for feeding live foods to your fish.

I have been waiting for one of these to be released ever since the glass phenomenon truly took off!

The feed pod is pretty self explanatory to anyone who’s ever used a worm feeder. Sucker the thing to the side of the tank, stick in some Tubifex or bloodworm, let them wiggle out through the holes at their leisure and you have an interactive feeding point for your fish.

That’s it. No other gimmicks or tricks, but a glass worm holder that resides in the top corner of your aquarium, looking smart.


Love it — but would I buy one? Depends who I was trying to impress. If I had an audience that appreciated it for what it was then I probably would open my wallet.

Price: £14.99 from

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