Review: Elements coral glue from EcoTech Marine


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Jeremy Gay tests a new alternative to epoxy putty for marine tanks.

The marine hobby owes a lot to epoxy putty. We use it to build rock structures, fasten corals, or as a base for coral frags — but have you ever had occasion when it just doesn’t work?

I have and I know many other reefkeepers who have too.

I’ve been in situations where the rock or coral hasn’t fastened and simply falls away with a half-cured greasy blob of epoxy attached to it. Enter EcoTech’s Coral glue…

This can also be used for gluing rocks or more or less anything, above and below water. Being cyanoacrylate it’s basically 'superglue' but very gelatinous. EcoTech says it can be made even more gelatinous by keeping it in the fridge first.

Basically squeeze out a blob about the diameter of a 10-pence coin on to the underside of your coral then hold it in place underwater until holding fast.

Unlike epoxy this can be held for as little as a few seconds, worse case a few minutes, and it will stay stuck forever.

This can also stick corals upside down, underwater when previously cable ties or fishing line would be needed until the epoxy went off.


Does it work? 100% yes. I recommend it to anyone with a reef aquarium and who likes to play with, place and propagate corals.

Any downsides? It comes in two sizes and prices may make you wince — at roughly £20 for the 75ml and £40 for the 295ml sizes — although what you usually pay for in 'superglue' comes in a 5g tube, so there’s a lot more glue for your money with this product.

Also, despite watching the company video on how to use it first, PFK’s photographer got some of the glue on his fingers and he actually managed to stick them together. You have been duly warned!

Price: Retails around £39.99.

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