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Nathan Hill takes a look at a new aquarium background which can be made to order, perfect if you have an odd-shaped tank...

We received two different types of product, a solid and very impressive backdrop that would be superb in an African or Central American lake set-up. We also received two stand-alone artificial rocks to complement the backdrop. Most impressive of all is the fact that unlike other backdrops, this range can be made to order, even for unusual shaped aquaria.

The background is great, looking very realistic with the kind of caves and overhangs that rock-dwelling fish would love. My only real concerns are the ease of fitting the piece into any tank with a central bracing bar, and the fact that it has many sharp edges. I’d advise wearing gloves to install one, given how many splinters I picked up just holding it.

The individual rocks didn’t convince me as realistic enough for a rocky lake set-up. There was a clash between finished colours of the two different products, one looking a distinct red and very unrealistic. As complementary pieces they didn’t work together, but this may be nothing more than a personal taste.

However, it soon dawned that these rocks would be superb in a planted aquascape. They have that Zen look and I can barely wait to try one out in a nature aquarium I’ve planned for the near future.

Sadly I only have one piece of rock left, as some books slipped off of a desk and obliterated the other. It would seem that fibreglass and resin is just as brittle as I remember from my retail days.

Prices: Starting at £5.99 for smaller rocks.