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Nathan Hill takes a look at four new products with shrimps in mind.

Aquaessentials’ Genchem White Pellets are a supplementary diet concept, made of nothing but calcium, phosphorous, enzymes and a handful of trace minerals. The purpose is to complement existing foods to bring out the white banding in Cherry shrimps.

This is a sinking granular food, but not a complete diet. Beneficially, all of that calcium and phosphorous could help to facilitate moulting, although an excess could likely lead to phosphate in the water — and that means troublesome algae, which might not be such an issue in a shrimp-heavy tank.

Aminovita-P claims to have immune-boosting properties, through the addition of amino acids and vitamins. Added twice weekly, this pungent smelling powder assists cell division and cell growth.

Originally developed for shrimp aquaculture, it has fared very well. We’re one of the last countries to get this product, and it is already huge elsewhere.

Eikoso is another aquaculture supplement turned domestic — a vitamin additive added directly to the water, or with food at a rate of one spoon (provided) per 100g food. The appetite stimulating power of this food should not be overlooked. It’s a well-seasoned product again popular abroad.

No-Planaria seems a dream for shrimp keepers. Current Planaria controls involve domestic wormers like febendazol, but these are prone to causing deformity or mortality, and often cripple shrimps. Planaria consume shrimplets and are known to attack adults too.

No-Planaria relies on a Betel nut extract, fatal for the worms but is harmless for shrimps and plants. Unlike other medications, it biodegrades, leaving less in the way of a harmful residue than some treatments.

Prices: White Pellets 50g, £4.99; Aminovita-P, £4.99; Eikoso, £4.99; No-Planaria 50g, £7.50.

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