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Nathan Hill on a shiny bit of aquascaping kit that he's giving up for no one...

Ostentatious? You know it. However, now I have this device in tow, I feel my aquascaping career is finally up and running.

The acrylic tool holder is very much a committed 'scaper’s self indulgence. If you do it for a living it’ll be a work tool, but for the rest of us it’s a luxury to complete your collection of shiny things.

As for practicality, it’s brilliant. My own tanks sit low and my tools are on the floor around me as I work. I have puncture scars in my knees and bent pinsettes on the back of it!

No more. The tool holder sits on the lip of the aquarium, and holds what you need it to hold. You can stop it sliding by hand tightening one of the supplied acrylic screws into the back and then you’re all set.

You even get lengths of embroidered string with hoops at the ends. These can be wrapped around more cumbersome tools, allowing you to hang them from the nubs at each extreme of the holder. It’s nicely thought out.

When you’ve finished? What then? Just have this thing sat on the side of the tank?

No. gUSH has thought that one through too. Included is a wall mount and some screws. Pop a couple of drilled holes where you want it to go, screw it in, and your tools can double up as wall art.

This holder could be the most pretentious thing I own, but I’m not giving it up for the world.

Price: £19.98 from

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