ADA Cube Garden 45F aquarium


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Can you get really excited by five panes of glass? Nathan Hill can...

The Optiwhite 45 x 24 x 16cm/18 x 9 x 6” aquarium from ADA really is something else, albeit appealing to a limited audience.

This isn’t a total set-up: it doesn’t come with filters or lights, it’s just a rimless tank without a hood or cover glass. Yet I reckon I could toss it into a circle of eager aquascapers and watch them tear each other limb from limb over it.

The dimensions lend themselves to a mossy micro-iwagumi and the low iron content of the glass gives itself perfectly to the photography buff.

The glass is thin and unimposing, and the silicone work shames anything I have seen from any other supplier of aquaria. It’s flawlessly finished, with no hint of smudge, drip, or even a stray fingerprint. This is simply the perfect little aquascape tank.

However, it’s exclusive. Considering I could buy two Chinese import complete nanos with filters, and a lid with lighting included for a similar price, this is something that will only appeal to the diehard.

In fairness, it’s likely that only a committed 'scaper could make it look good anyway.

Available in the UK through The Green Machine.

Price: £111.

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