Review: TMC Signature marine aquarium


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Jeremy Gay checks out the marine version of the new Signature aquarium - and he isn't disappointed.

The Signature range combines contemporary design with sound marine plumbing and the result is a great-looking sumped tank, perfect for growing any types of corals.

As with the freshwater model reviewed by Nathan Hill, you get a choice of the three cabinet colours — only this time choose the Aquarium Set and you get the 450mm high tanks, either in 450mm or 600mm lengths, complete with drilled rear panes, a specially made sump, and pipe fittings.

Tank inlet and outlet are discreet and they can be just hand tightened, then glued with supplied silicone.

The inlet comes with a choice of two fittings, a wide oulet or a clever rotating one, giving a swirl of water through 360 degrees, and both are supplied.

The outlet is equally discreet and beautifully simple and, to make them disappear almost completely, I opted to paint the rear panel black on my model.

Flexible piping is supplied to go to and from the sump, which is fine, although mine kinked, and that’s a bugbear of mine, I therefore replaced it with corrugated pond hose instead.

The sump is one of those clever space-saving designs and, dare I say, it even looked cute and appealing to the eye too.

TMC has done hobbyists and the UK’s shops a massive favour by allowing both parties to choose their own spec of equipment to go on top of the tank, cabinet and sump.

I opted for a TMC tile with acrylic coverglass, but lighting, pump, skimmer choice and even sump set-up is entirely up to you. I’ll reveal more in a future issue with a step-by-step set up.

That cover glass bows a bit but, apart from that, full marks. This will be a strong contender for those shopping for a new small to medium-sized reef tank.

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