Review: Aquavitro plant supplements from Seachem


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Nathan Hill checks out this premium line of supplements for the planted aquarium.

The Aquavitro range from well-established chemicals supplier Seachem shows some promise — yet with a single pitfall.

Although in the company’s defence it has certainly not taken steps to hide the point, my concern is that its water conditioner utilises potassium thiosulphate to convert chlorines and chloramines.

This works, but it does produce ammonia when used with chloramines.

Admittedly, the product is aimed at the dedicated plant keeper, liking conditions to be acidic, and subsequently much of that ammonia will be locked up as harmless ammonium — but, if inadvertently used in more alkaline waters, it could be problematic.

However, and this is a big however, at least Aquavitro had the chutzpah to openly come out and say so — unlike some other companies.

That’s it for the negatives. As plant supplements, the range is pretty untouchable and well thought through.

Its Synthesis additive, for example, contains not just one, but three types of nitrogen to cater for the different requirements between species.

There’s even an explanation on the packaging as to how to factor into your calculations a method to deduce how much nitrogen is in the tank, seeing as tests will only detect for the nitrate alone.

All ingredients throughout the range are impeccably thought through, dose rates are simple to grasp and each bottle goes above and beyond in describing exactly how the product works.

I’m often dubious about companies which like to use long and sciencey-sounding words on their bottles, but Aquavitro makes no such grandiose claims. Everything, on investigation, adds up nicely.

The range is made up of Carbonate (KH), Premier (dechlorinator), Activate (phosphorous), Mineralize (GH), Propel (iron), Synthesis (nitrogen), and my favourite — Envy (amino acid/carbohydrate/vitamin mix). All are available in 350ml, one-litre, two-litre and four-litre sizes.


I adore this range, as do my plants. These are products that don’t need to dress up in garish wrappers and don’t have to try to baffle the customer with pseudoscience. They stand up to scrutiny and once I’ve used up the samples I’ll be buying more for sure.

Prices: Approximately £17.99 for the 350ml sizes; available in the UK through ALF.

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