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Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? Is working at PFK your dream job? Apply at and try out the best job in fishkeeping.

We pinch ourselves here at PFK at just how good we've got it. We get paid to look at pictures of fish, write about fish, speak to fishkeeping experts around the world, visit fish shops, test out products and set up tanks.

But we're all about sharing the love too, so PFK's owners have teamed up with O2 to create a work experience initiative for young people whereby you get to try out doing our jobs with us.

What we need
In an ideal world you'll be a fish mad journalist who can hit the ground running, writing entertaining articles about fish that people will want to read, but failing that we'll also consider knowledgeable fishkeepers who want to try out writing, or writers who want to try out fish.

On a daily basis you'll get to write and create features for both the print magazine and the website, have access to our social media sites and you'll get an insight into how the magazine is put together including finding pictures, design, proofing and right throughout to printing.

If you're really lucky you'll get to come out on a shoptour with us for the day, and maybe even set up a tank in our pro photographic studio for one of our famous step-by-steps.

What you need
PFK headquarters is based in Peterborough so you will need to be able to get yourself here of your own accord, and get to work and leave work of your own accord.

Each placement is for two weeks, so you could either drive it every day, get a train, or if you need to, stay in accommodation for the duration.

We work 9-5:30 five days a week, and don't do weekends, and note this is work experience not a promise of an actual job at the end of it, unless Nathan gets run over by a bus that is.

And because it is a youth initiative to get young people trying out work, you can't be over 24 years old I'm afraid, but a sense of humour is essential.

So go for it, and good luck, and who knows, you could make your hobby into a career.

To find out more about the opportunity click here: