Woman finds hook in her mouth while eating canned fish


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A woman who was eating a tin of mackerel was shocked to discover a fish hook in her mouth.

Afi Meleisea (23) from Brisbane in Australia, chewed down on something hard, which she assumed to be a piece of bone - but on removal she realised it was a hook.

The can of Karan's Triple Zero Mackerel had been bought by Afi's mother, Susana. When Mrs Meleisea contacted the importers of the fish - South Pacific Food Distributors - she was told to take it back to the store she'd bought it from for a replacement, but she says she will never buy the fish again.

"It's about safety," she said. "It could have been my youngest child or one of my grandchildren. They could have swallowed it."

South Pacific Food Distributors said nothing like this had ever been found in a can of fish imported by the company before, and that they didn't know how the hook had got there. It said all foods it imported underwent strict quarantine measures and X-rays.

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