WIN with the PFK Advent Calendar: Day 9


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WIN with the PFK Advent Calendar: Day 9

Check out today's fabulous prize, which has an RRP of £399.95!


 The Fish Mate 18,000 pond pump is a 'beast of a pump', says Practical Fishkeeping's Nathan Hill. And here's your chance to win one!

The Fish Mate 18,000 pond pump is a 'beast of a pump', says Practical Fishkeeping's Nathan Hill. And here's your chance to win one!

Win a Fish Mate 18,000 pond pump from Pet Mate in Day 9 of our Christmas countdown.

We reviewed this beast of a pump earlier in the year. Here’s what PFK’s Features Editor, Nathan Hill, had to say about it…

“This latest pump is the largest offering from Fish Mate, doubtless reflecting the trend of the ‘all or nothing’ mentality creeping into pondkeeping — big ponds are ‘in’.

“The pump has lift to spare. At zero head, the flow rate is 18,000 lph — hence the number designated — but we all know that a pump is only worthwhile if it can deliver a good flow at height. Fish Mate’s offering surely can, knocking out half its potential flow — 6000 lph — at 2m of head. At 5m head — levels that many pumps just aren’t going to reach, it still claims somewhere in the 3000 lph region. You could launch a rocket with this thing, I’m sure, and all for a maximum consumption of just 155W. For comparison, a lot of ‘eco’ models of similar flow rates are up in the 170–200W bracket. Typical pumps seem to hover around 250W(ish) for that flow. I found a cheap design on ebay knocking out 13,000 lph — for 750W consumption!

“There’s no foam involved, instead utilising a cage with 5mm wide slats all round. Anything small enough to get through the slats can be handled by the turbine, so unless you’ve got an intensely filthy pond, this thing won’t block in a hurry. The strainer comes away easily, with just a little pressure applied to pinch it away from the catches, and snaps back into place firmly.

“There are two hosetails included, one for inlet (should you opt to run the pump inline as opposed to in the standard immersed way) and one for outlet. They step down from 50mm (2in) all the way to 25mm (1in) which I imagine would have the effect of turning the pump into a riot-controlling water cannon.

“If it is going in the pond (which it is primarily made for) then there’s a handle on the top for easy extraction. The standard 10m/33ft of electrical cable lets you reach a power point easily enough.

“Getting to the impeller — turbine, sorry — requires a screwdriver, but it’s not exactly demanding. Inside there, you’ll find a ceramic shaft, which I’ve always found to be more durable than the alternatives.

“Physically, it’s hefty, but not over the top. Just under 30cm long, 14.5cm at its widest point, and a touch over 15cm tall (before hosetails) it’s also matt coloured and discrete. It won’t be the obvious shiny lump at the bottom of your pool, competing with your fish.

“Oh, and there are no fountain heads. This is a filter pump, not a fountain pump. If you tried to put a fountain head on this thing, it’d end up orbiting the Earth.

“Sturdy as it gets, and banging out enormous flow for the energy used. It doesn’t really get much better than this.”

For your chance to win the Fish Mate 18,000 pond pump from Pet Mate, click here.