WIN with the PFK Advent Calendar: Day 21


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21 November 2017
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28 September 2017
 Special care needs to be taken when catching Pictus catfish and other species with spines.
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03 August 2017

Check out today's advent calendar prize!

Today’s prize is a 250g pack of Hikari Cichlid Staple food, worth £8.49.

An excellent quality daily diet for all cichlids and larger tropical fish, Hikari Cichlid Staple has been specially formulated to ensure the pellets are readily accepted and quickly devoured. Offering complete and balanced nutrition, it promotes excellent growth rates through improved digestion. The highly digestible pellets ensure clean, clear water.

The floating pellets, which allow easy monitoring of amount eaten, contain stabilised Vitamin C which supports immune system health and promotes a long and healthy life.

For your chance to win, click here.