WIN with the PFK Advent Calendar: Day 17


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Discover what's behind the door of the Practical Fishkeeping advent calendar today!

Win a pack of Hikari Algae Wafers worth £14.99.

Hikari were the originators of wafer shaped algae diets. In 1991, when Hikari launched Algae Wafers, no other food existed to help keep Plecostomus healthy. There were many reports of Plecostomus getting thinner with each passing day. To address this problem, Hikari began researching raw materials and production techniques to develop potential diets. After considerable experimentation, Hikari developed the best ingredient formulation possible. The next stage was to develop a format the fish would eat, that wouldn't dissolve in the water and allowed the nutrition to be accessed readily. The revolutionary disk shape was chosen because it complimented the way Plecostomus eat. 

Rich in natural green algae, which helps promote excellent colouring, Hikari Algae Wafers offer complete and balanced nutrition for Plecostomus and other algae eating fish including marine herbivores.

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