WIN with the PFK Advent Calendar: Day 12


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What's hiding behind today's door?

 Malawi cichlid foods from FishScience. Malawi cichlid foods from FishScience.

Six bundles of FishScience Malawi foods to be won, worth £14.80 each.

We have six packs of FishScience foods to be won, each comprising a pot of Malawi Pellet and Malawi Flake.

FishScience Malawi foods offer a unique formula containing algae and vegetables to recreate the natural plant and algae based diet that mbuna would eat in the wild.

The prize includes: 
50g Malawi Flake — a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for Malawi cichlids and other algae eating fish
115g Malawi Pellets — high quality 2mm sinking pellet specifically formulated for mbuna and other herbivorous cichlids

For your chance to win, click here.