Wharf Aquatics expands its range of African cichlids


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Nottinghamshire-based store Wharf Aquatics will be opening a new African cichlid room containing almost 100 tanks devoted entirely to Rift Lake cichlids on Friday, March 27.

The stock will mainly consist of cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika and will be made up of tank-bred fish, F1 fish from hobbyist breeders (including staff members) and occasional wild-caught species.

To celebrate the opening of the new room, Wharf will be offering 10% off all East African cichlids in the new area for a week from the official opening day until Thursday, April 2. There will be additional related offers, and a chance to win raffle prizes for anyone purchasing African cichlids during the promotional period.

The new room is an extension from the main tropical room, which already boasts more than 330 tanks of tropical fish. In addition to the new room for African cichlids, Wharf have also installed new tanks running through the archway to the new room. These include 50 individually filtered tanks for fancy varieties of Betta splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish) and 20 tanks devoted to freshwater shrimp and snails.

The space previously occupied by the African cichlids in the main tropical room will be reorganised to increase stocking of other varieties of fish, with a particular focus on nano fish. The end result will be well over 500 tanks of tropical fish to choose from!

Wharf Aquatics is located at 65-67 Wharf Road, Pinxton, Nottinghamshire NG16 6LH. Stock lists can be found on the website at www.wharfaquatics.co.uk, and pictures of the room can be seen on Wharf’s Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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