Waveline products come to Evolution Aqua


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Waveline products come to Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua, the multi award-winning British manufacturer, has secured exclusive UK distribution of Reef Life Support Systems (RLSS) and Waveline aquatic products.

Itself a multi-award-winning company, Canadian based H2O Systems Inc, owner of the Waveline and RLSS brands, is well known around the world as one of the pioneers of developing DC pumps for aquariums and for their ground breaking, revolutionary protein skimmer designs.

“Waveline is a great fit for us,” said Jeremy Gay, Business Development manager at EA.

“Like us they have their own, privately owned and operated factory and do all their own research and development in house. This has already led to many leading DC pump and DC skimmer product releases, and Waveline RLSS lead in the marine equipment market, where others follow.”

Waveline and RLSS join the ever growing Evolution Aqua aquarium product portfolio which includes Kessil, eaReef, eaReefPro, PURE Reef Balance, The Aquascaper and PURE Aquarium brands. Many more product releases are promised for late 2016/early 2017 including the Kessil A80 LED light, PURE Aquarium Bomb, the evoUV Aquarium Steriliser and the much anticipated Waveline Wavepuck reef flow pump.

More info: www.evolutionaqua.co