Volunteers save the lives of thousands of fish


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Thousands of fish in a Nottinghamshire canal were rescued by a team of volunteers after the water level became dangerously low due to the dry weather.

The fish were spotted gasping for air by a walker along a section of the Grantham Canal in Cotgrave County Park on Sunday.

She phoned the authorities and soon around 20 locals, including members of a local angling club, were on the scene, wading into the water and netting out the fish.

Over a period of four hours perch, pike, carp and sticklebacks were transferred in buckets to a lake close by.

The Canal and River Trust also attended the scene and is due to return today to remove more fish along the stretch of the canal.

Russ Hamer, one of the volunteers on the scene told Nottingham Post: "The water seemed to have gone down very quickly. I was just carrying buckets backwards and forwards.

"Other people were there all afternoon from about 3pm at a moment’s notice, which I think was brilliant."

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