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Looking for aquatic inspiration for that South American tank you're planning? You'd do a lot worse than watching this remarkable documentary by Ivan Mikolji, says Nathan Hill.

Ivan is a big name in Venezuelan fish. He founded and presides over the Fish from Venezuela Foundation, and when he’s not doing that he’s out investigating habitats, and either photographing or making documentaries about them.

Covering 45 minutes of Venezuelan habitat, Ivan reveals the real habitats and behaviour of some of our aquarium favourites. If you want more background on Cardinal tetra, or Ram cichlids, get stuck right in and see how they really live.

Get a note pad to hand, as if you’re anything like me you’ll be jotting things in a frenzy as you see them. I’ve already planned out a good four or five fresh projects on the back of this, and I suspect even more will follow as Ivan explores more and more into this aquatic world.

Even non-fishy viewers will delight at the breathtaking underwater shots. See stingrays and electric eels going about their business. It’s all right here!

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