Video: It's a shark eat shark world!


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Visitors to an aquarium in South Korea were shocked to see one of the sharks swimming around with the remains of another shark hanging out of her mouth.

The 7ft Sand tiger shark attacked and ate a 3.8ft Banded hound shark after what staff at the COEX Aquarium in Seoul described as a 'turf war'. The larger shark then swam around with the body hanging out of her mouth and slowly proceeded to swallow him — after around 20 hours only the tip of the tail was visible.

Staff say that the unfortunate shark will be regurgitated eventually, as the larger individual will not be able to digest him. 

A spokesman for the aquarium said that this kind of thing is rare and it’s the first time such a thing has happened at COEX,which has been open since 2000, and where more than 40 sharks share their tank with turtles and rays.

Check out the video, which was published on The Guardian website, below: