Video: Giant puffer fish statue erected in China


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A huge viewing tower shaped like a puffer fish has caused uproar in China.

The 62m/200' tall tower is made up of more than 8,900 copper plates. It's 90m/295' from nose to tail, which is around the same height as the Statue of Liberty — and it cost 70 million yuan/£7.1 million to build.

It stands 15 storeys high on an island in Yangzhong, Jiangsu province, and is claimed by the city to be the biggest sculpture in China and the biggest metal construction in the world.

Visitors can take a lift to a viewing platform located below the fishes' belly.

At night multicoloured LEDs incorporated into the artwork offer a spectacular lightshow.

But the 2,100-ton puffer fish has been built amid a government crackdown on extravagance by its officials.

Some residents love the tower, saying it improves China's image. However, the construction has angered others who say it's expensive, impractical and meaningless.

Public records show Jiangsu’s local government bodies are the most indebted in the country.

You can watch a news report on the video below:


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