Two great cichlid articles in the April issue


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 A perfect place for your Fighter to rest his little fins — the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock.
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21 November 2017
 Just look at that little face... No wonder then, that so many fishkeepers find these little puffers so hard to resist.
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28 September 2017
 Special care needs to be taken when catching Pictus catfish and other species with spines.
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Travels with your fish
03 August 2017

Love cichlids? Then prepare to be thoroughly spoiled with the latest issue of PFK.

The April 2011 issue of PFK includes cichlid articles by two of the most well known and popular cichlid writers.

Mary Bailey is Britain's most prolific cichlid writer and she offers a lifetime's experience of keeping cichlids. This month she brings you a selection of hardy dwarf cichlids. So if you fancy the character of a cichlid, but in a more manageable form, one of these may well fit the bill.

Ad Konings has probably spent more time underwater studying the fish of Malawi and Tanganyika than anyone else. In the April issue he reveals the darker side of a shell-brooding cichlid from Lake Tanganyika.

All this and much more in the April 2011 issue of PFK. On sale now.