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If you're away from home and missing your fish tank, a new iPad app allows you to set up a virtual aquarium - all you need to supply is some decor.

From the people that bought us Air Swimmers, the new AppConverters Aquarium uses an angled pane of glass to reflect animated fish from an iPad that sits on top. Stick a few rocks and platic plants - or even a shipwreck or castle if you prefer - behind the glass for a more realistic aquarium effect.

According to the report in Pocketlint you can get all the fish to line up to display the time if you want to, before sending them back off to carry on about their business, and an accompanying iPhone app allows you to go 'fishing' in the tank, if that's your thing.

The downside is that you can't use your iPad while it's running your virtual fish tank. And of course, the fish aren't real.

Prices haven't been announced as yet.

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