Tropical Marine Centre to launch new AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra lighting and AquaRay control unit


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Tropical Marine Centre will be launching the second light unit in its AquaRay range in September.

The widely anticipated AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra is a solid state lighting LED tile that is said to offer ultra high density lighting using custom optics.

"This unit also uses the latest and brightest generation of CREE XR-E PowerLEDs available," say TMC, "specially selected for AquaRay products, making the AquaBeam 1000 suitable as an alternative to metal halides."

Tropical Marine Centre state that the AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra delivers high LUX and PAR values, making it suitable for all marine setups including reef systems with LPS and SPS hard corals.

Another key design feature is that it is compact enough (measuring just 20 x 20cm) to also be suitable for use in nano and other smaller tanks.

"This light unit has a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life yet also offers low running costs and extremely low carbon emissions when in use, making it very environmentally friendly."Say TMC.

"The AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra also offers cool running with low heat transfer to the aquarium water reducing the need for expensive cooling systems and making it suitable for installation in aquarium hoods."

AquaRay control unit

Tropical Marine Centre is also shortly launching its AquaRay Control unit which is compatible with all AquaBeam products and can be used to dim, time and control, recreating sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight phases. The two channel controller will retail for 79.99.

The AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra will be available in Marine White (10 x 14,000K white LEDs) and Reef White (7 x 14,000K white LEDs and 3 x 50,000K blue LEDs), both available with and without an AquaRay Control unit (RRPs 299.99 and 224.99 respectively).

New AquaBeam 500

An enhanced version of the AquaBeam 500 lighting strip, which incorporates a new style lens casing producing a wider-angle beam, will be released in new packaging at the same time.

The RRP on this unit is being reduced to 94.99, a saving of 15 off the previous price. The new twin unit will remain at 179.99.

GroBeam 1000 for plants

A ~tile version, for planted tanks and fish only tanks, in the new TMC AquaGro range - the GroBeam 1000 Natural Daylight " will also be launched shortly together with the matching single and twin Grobeam 500 Natural Daylight Lighting Strips.

TMC say that these units incorporate the compact CREE XP-E 6500K PowerLEDs and that they have the widest angle beam available.

All units are compatible with the full range of AquaRay accessories and the new AquaRay Control.

Retail prices for the GroBeam 1000 ND range from 189.99 to 264.99 (with AquaRay Control). GroBeam 500 prices are 84.99 for a single unit and 159.99 for a twin unit.

Practical Fishkeeping magazine will be publishing a full test and review of the new range in the October issue, 2009.