Tropical Marine Centre opens new showroom


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TMC has created a new showroom and training facility at its Chorleywood head office.

Tropical Marine Centre has completely refurbished its old hatchery area, converting it into a modern and spacious facility designed to showcase its diverse range of products to aquatic retailers.

“We wanted a more permanent and interactive showcase for our products,” said TMC’s Managing Director, Paul West. 

“We also wanted to develop a venue where we can have a more direct involvement and engagement with our customers to give them ideas about how to effectively display our products”.

The new facility hosts its impressive range of products with each product group on its own self-contained display.

Every product group is represented from its well-established AquaRay LED lighting range, ponds, frozen foods, planted aquarium and commercial systems through to brand new products such as its REEF Skim protein skimmers and ReefScape model series.

The complete range of Signature aquariums and cabinets flanks the entrance way, and a large meeting/conference room provides a comfortable area where customers and TMC staff can interact in private, away from the busy livestock sales area.

Please note that TMC supplies to the trade only.