Trio of freshwater rays donated to aquarium


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Three freshwater stingrays have been donated to Blue Planet Aquarium at Cheshire Oaks.

The trio of Polka dot or Black diamond rays (Potamotrygon leopoldi) have come from a large private collection. They have been installed in Blue Planet's Flooded Forest display where they have already become a firm favourite both with staff and visitors.

This species is one of the most stunning and sought after freshwater rays in the hobby, and it generally has a high price tag to match. These mature fish — a male and two females — were donated to the aquarium by a fishkeeper via Pier Aquatics of Wigan. Pier also assisted with the transport of the fish to Blue Planet.

Blue Planet Aquarium’s freshwater aquarist, Steve Chester, told the Chester Chronicle: "As a team we are delighted to receive such beautiful specimens of a superb species.

"The fish are under my care as freshwater aquarist, so it’s a big responsibility but they’re already feeding and acting like they have been here far longer than 48 hours!"

"We would like to thank the collector for his very kind donation and we’d also like to thank Pier Aquatics of Wigan."

P. leopoldi hails from the Rio Xingu basin in South America, a region in some peril from the impending threat of dams and aggressive farming.

Blue Planet hopes these rays will breed at the aquarium, allowing the offspring to be distributed to other public aquariums.

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