TMC launches new REEF-Cam for the aquarium


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Most fishkeepers would be delighted to find one of TMC's new REEF-Cam underwater cameras in their Christmas stocking.

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a keen fishkeeper — or just fancy treating yourself? Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has just launched a REEF-Cam — a live streaming underwater camera, purpose-made for the aquatics market.

This patented camera is extremely compact, measuring just 26 x 26 x 19mm, and this means it can be easily installed inside your aquarium (although a bracket for mounting it outside your tank is also supplied).

Controllable from your smart phone or tablet, via the REEF-Cam iOS and Android compatible app (free to download from the App Store or Google Play), your camera feed can be viewed by you from anywhere, or shared with friends. You can also take snapshots of your tank and its inhabitants and save to your device or a micro SD card (not supplied).

There are two versions available, which come with either a magnet mount or suction cup mount (dependent on the thickness of your aquarium glass), but rather than mounting the REEF-Cam on the side of the tank you could place it unobtrusively amongst rockwork or decor to get a really close up view of tank life. TMC has even come up with a funky little rock case and base (available separately) to help you disguise the camera if required!

This amazing little camera retails for just £139.99 and is available from the end of November.

More info: or view the REEF-Cam video below.