The May issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale now!


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 A perfect place for your Fighter to rest his little fins — the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock.
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Review: Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
21 November 2017
 Just look at that little face... No wonder then, that so many fishkeepers find these little puffers so hard to resist.
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Join the puffer fish fan club!
28 September 2017
 Special care needs to be taken when catching Pictus catfish and other species with spines.
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Travels with your fish
03 August 2017
The May issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale now!

The May issue of Practical Fishkeeping comes with a FREE 16-page pull-out guide to keeping Koi.

The May 2017 issue of PFK is packed from cover to cover with gorgeous fish — some you’ll be familiar with, others you might not be.

Our cover star is the tiny Dwarf puffer — a fish with considerable character for its small size and which will quickly become a favourite with the whole family. Find out how to keep  — and even breed — these pea-sized fish inside.

Our fish of the month is the Bleeding heart tetra. Find out just why these fish are one of Peru’s greatest tropical exports.

Check out some new fish we came across in the shops lately — and the return of an old favourite with pleco fans.

We have inspiration with a reader’s Pantanal-themed aquarium, plus a striking Indian-inspired planted tank for smaller spaces, and you can find out how a group of piranha got a shiny new aquarium for a shop display. 

Red-spotted gobies, breeding Corydoras, water hardness made easy — it’s all here! And if you’re new to fishkeeping, we have a brand new beginner’s section to help you out.

Marine fishkeepers can find out how to win the nuisance algae battle, there’s a spotlight on some of the more aquarium friendly damsels — and if you’d like to spend more time just sitting back and enjoying your marine tank, meet a reader who, despite a huge aquarium, is using a system that lets him do that.

We compare two of the most popular pondfish in a face to face, head to hood battle, there’s advice on keeping disease at bay in your pond this year — and did we mention the free 16-page beginner’s guide to Koi keeping pull-out? 

We did say it was a packed issue!

Or why not take out a subscription to PFK and take advantage of our great welcome gift — a new Fluval U2 underwater filter, worth £46.99! Click here to find out more.