The gourami nobody wanted needs a new home


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A Giant gourami is looking for a forever home after outgrowing his tank at a shop in Swinton, Manchester. He first arrived at Foley's Pets and Aquatics 11 years ago, as a mere 5cm/2in tiddler.

But no one bought him, so he remained at the shop where he continued to grow. He’s now almost two feet in length and is too big for his 180cm/6ft tank.

Steve Foley, the shop’s owner, says he’s offered the gourami to three public aquariums but all have turned him down.

He told Salford Star that the fish requires a tank of at least 240cm/8ft in length and would ideally suit a public aquarium.

You can see footage of the gourami no one wants below. He appears to have markings that suggest he was tattooed before his arrival in the UK. 

If you think you might be able to offer him a home, please contact Steve at Foley’s Pets and Aquatics on 0161 794 3716.