Tetra launches new products


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Tetra has introduced a new test kit, launched a new marine range and expanded product sizes in popular lines.

Speaking at the Glee trade show, Tetra UK's Product Manager Anke Heines told Practical Fishkeeping: "We recently launched a full marine range including flakes, granules and crisps.

"We also have AquaSafe Marine and Marine SafeStart, as well our Marine SeaSalt for healthy fish and invertebrates, which creates perfect marine water.

"And for that we also have the Tetratec Comfort Hydrometer which measures the salinity and specific gravity."

Heines said that the aim of the range was to make the marine hobby more accessible and that Tetra had received very positive feedback from retailers on the new launch.

Tetra 6 in 1Tetra has also upgraded its 5 in 1 Test Strips kit to include an additional test for chlorine.

Now re-named Tetra 6 in 1, the test kit now offers fishkeepers the ability to test for pH, KH, GH, nitrate, nitrite and chlorine in a single dip-test strip.

Heines said that Tetra was now the first manufacturer to offer a kit providing tests for six parameters.

New pack sizesTetra has also added a 500ml size to its range of popular TetraPro premium fish foods, which come in TetraPro Energy, TetraPro Vegetable and TetraPro Colour varieties.

The 500ml containers, which hold 95g of food, are on sale from the beginning of October.

SafeStart, Tetra's product for the rapid cycling of new aquariums, has also been launched in a larger bottle size - 1250ml.