Super rare £12,000 angelfish on sale at Lancashire shop


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This King angelfish is thought to be one of just four in the UK. Image by Jeremy Gay.

This King angelfish, Apolemichthys kingi, is being offered for sale at Burscough Aquatics, reports Jeremy Gay.

The rare marine fish and coral specialists in the North West of England imported the fish, and are holding it in quarantine while it feeds and rests (scroll down for video).

Thought to be one of just four in the UK, two of which are said to be residing together in a private collection, The King angel is a rare import indeed, and is causing quite a stir with the store’s customers and the UK marine community.

Kings were thought be South African endemics, with adults preferring cooler, deeper waters with strong currents, making diving extremely difficult.

But specimens have been found recently on the Indian Ocean side of Madagascar, significantly expanding the fish’s potential natural range.

Imports of note of this exclusive fish remain close to single figures even worldwide, with sums of over £20,000 reportedly being paid.

On sale for a mere £12,000 once rested, this 15cm/6in specimen in adult colours offers a very real chance for wealthy trophy hunters in the UK to get their hands on one. 

For more information contact Burscough Aquatics on 01704 895880.