Strange fish tale 5: Boy mauled by angry puffer


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A teenager got more than he bargained for when a puffer got caught in his net, as this week's trawl through the fishy archives reveals...

A Cambodian teenager was recovering in hospital after an angry pufferfish attacked him in the groin.

The 13-year-old boy was swimming and accidentally caught the puffer in his net. He quickly released the fish which, enraged, turned round and sank its teeth into his scrotum.

The boy was pictured in a hospital bed with heavy strapping around his testicles. He was expected to recover from the incident but at the time of the report the full extent of the damage was not known.

Cambodian legend has it that the bite of the fish is even more dangerous than its spines, especially for boys, and Cambodian boys are traditionally advised not to swim in waters where the fish is common.

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