Spadetail wins at Telford Guppy Show


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 Jack Tseng's winning Spadetail. Jack Tseng's winning Spadetail.
Jack Tseng's winning Spadetail.

Leg number seven of the countrywide competition to find the year’s best Guppy was held at the Open Show of the Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK in Telford on September 30, 2017.


Judges at this event were Jane Handley, Angela Galbally, Steve Elliott, Tina Smith,
and Bill Galbally.

The Best in Show was a Spade Tail — a Grey Snakeskin/Filligran by member Jack
Tseng with 80.67 points.

The Best Pairs was a Delta tail Albino Red by Steve Elliott, which is pictured above.

The FGUK will hold its final event for the European Championship Show on
October 5–8, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Express, Rockingham Road, Kettering, NN14 1UD.
The owner of the Best Guppy for 2017 will then receive this European Championship