Snap a selfie with your fish - and you could win £125!


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Snap a selfie with your fish - and you could win £125!

Strike a pose with your fish for NOAH's photo competition.

NOAH (the National Office of Animal Health) is celebrating the nation’s love of pets with its ‘#MeAndMyPet photo competition, and it wants you to send in your best ‘pet selfie’.

As part of its mission to encourage owners to think about the health of their pet and seek expert advice on pet healthcare, the competition will celebrate how much we care about our pets and how much of a huge priority they are for us. NOAH says: "We’re inviting owners to strike a pose with their pet and submit their best ‘pet selfies’ to show off the bond between them and their happy, healthy pets. The campaign is the next part of NOAH’s ‘Happy, Healthy Pets Project’. One lucky winner will receive a £125 voucher for pet treats and supplies.
Through the act of snapping and sharing a photograph of their pets, NOAH hopes to highlight the importance of building relationships that can help to keep pets happy and healthy all year round.

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments: “We know how important our pets are to us – 40% pet owners confess to loving their pet more than their partner! It’s really important to think about keeping your pet healthy as well as loved. Creating a strong bond with your pet is vital to their happiness and wellbeing, as well as bringing of joy and contentment to pet owners. Animals bring so much to our lives, and we in turn can bring so much to theirs if we know how to love and care for them well. We hope that our latest competition showing the UK’s happiest and healthiest pets and their owners will help drive the conversation further and help inspire hundreds of others to join them.”

Ed's note: Of course, you can also send in selfies of you with your cat, dog, horse, hamster, rabbit, millipede, gecko or budgie — but this is a fishkeeping website, so hey!

How to enter

For more information or to submit photos to the gallery, simply visit
Entries uploaded by Monday, June 12, will be eligible to win a £125 voucher for pet supplies and treats (terms and conditions apply). Entrants must ensure they click the pink competition tick-box to enter when uploading their photos.